Apr 24, 2005


I'm JUST old enough that my entire life, it seems, is neatly contained in boxes and boxes of slides. UGH! I can't scrap them and I can't view them - I don't want to invest in an archaic piece of electronic equipment. The best I can do is spend nearly every Sunday afternoon preserving my personal history by SCANNING them into my computer. Thank you, Epson for the 3170 scanner! It's turned my childhood back into more than just memories! Christmas, High School, Vacations, Friends and even my Honeymoon are all coming alive again as I scan them into my computer and fix the faded colors of the past. More than once I have had tears in my eyes as a memory came flooding back when an image presented itself on my computer screen that I hadn't seen in years. I forgot how pudgy I was as a baby. I forgot about that horrible perm my Grandma gave me. I forgot how that house in Walla Walla looked. It's like visiting with an old friend.

Now the problem. When those images were trapped on slides in boxes, I could pretend that I couldn't scrap them. Now that they are sitting in my computer, they are calling out, "PRINT ME!" ( again, thank you Epson!) Once I print them, I am suddenly about 30 years MORE behind in my scrapping than I already am.

Anyone so caught up that they care to help???

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