May 23, 2005

A Good Time was had by all!

I had a great time scrapping on Friday night! I actually got about 8 pages done in 3 hours. I decided life was too short to be overly concerned with each page for hours on end. Not that I do that anyway, but I took my simple style and simplified it even further! I was like Edward Scissorhands in my corner - slashing and cropping like crazy. We laughed our heads off telling funny stories and then ate ourselves half to death with the treats everyone brought! It was a great time!

I did have an epiphany of sorts about CM. My friend sitting to my right is a fairly new scrapper. She is working on her son's birth album. He was adopted and the photos she was working on were of his birth. They were priceless photos. She kept interrupting me, wanting advice. She had this photo of his birthmother kissing him just after he was born and she was trying to figure out if she should crop it into a circle or a heart. I was STRONGLY suggesting that she crop the 2 nurses off the sides and leave it as-is. I KNOW she will regret the funky shape at some point. Anyway, she was AGONIZING over what shape to crop every photo in. She would hold her little clear template over a photo and twist it and turn it trying to figure out how to "frame" the photo. It was taking FOREVER! I thought, "how is this supposed to be speedy?" Isn't the CM motto something about "completed albums"? If you just crop everything into some form of a square, it's gonna go a whole lot faster! She didn't even get ONE page done in the time I banged out 8! I know she's a new scrapper, but if she had thrown the funky shaped templates and cutter away and gotten out her trimmer, she would have been able to at least get a page done. But, then, I guess CM wouldn't be able to sell their ultra-expensive shape cutter set if they advised everyone to just crop out the junk and scrap the photo. Still, having made the mortal mistake of cutting photos into shapes a dozen years ago, I can't help but feel sorry for my friend. She's gonna hate herself for doing that someday!

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Amy said...

I can relate Kim! You HAVE to scrap simple so you can get lots done. Congrats on 8 pages. Woohoo!!! Love the sample - simple, yet beautiful. I came home with 240 pictures (all digital) from vacation. Talk about needed to scrap simple!