Jun 6, 2005

Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

I got a ton of emails this weekend about ScrapBiz. I realized the number one question is "What can I sell?" I don't blame anyone for asking that - I would want to know, too. Afterall, the direct sales companies all lay out, very plainly, what they sell. The problem with ScrapBiz is that out of 300 businesses, no two will be exactly alike. You can customize your product offerings to fit your needs and the needs of your customers. You simply can't compare us to another company. That being said, we DO have a CD Catalog called The ScrapBiz Basics. It's for our members to use, if they want to, in their own businesses. It can be used by itself (these pages are just a SAMPLE of what's in it), or, it can be used as a foundation around which to build a larger catalog. Our emphasis is coordinated product kits and multi-packs of paper. That's what customers want these days - and who can blame them? There's nothing like gathering up a bunch of photos for a particular theme, grabbing a kit that will make several pages and running to a crop! It makes scrapping SO EASY! According to industry insiders, scrappers are overwhelmed by product choices - we just want stuff that matches!!! And fast!!!!

Anyway, eventually I'll get this loaded up to www.ScrapBiz.com, but for now, here it is!

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Just a few pages from the 2005 ScrapBiz Basics Catalog.
The quality of the actual pages is tons better - the animation is blurry

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