Jul 26, 2005

Random Favorite things...

Here are some of my favorites - some are business related and some aren't. ENJOY!

Favorite clothing store:

My dh wants to forbid them from sending me emails... Every time I return something, the say, "WOW, you have a LOT of history with us!".

Favorite parental helper:

My kids watch PG movies without PG language and themes. It's FABULOUS!!!!! They watched Thunderbirds last week without the handful of swear-words and couple of intense scenes.

Favorite business ideas:

Okay, her stuff is like guerilla marketing - some of her ideas are really, really good. And, she's one nice lady - I had a long chat with her after her class here in Seattle a few months ago.

Favorite business guru:

If you are trying to profit from your craft, get her books! She's an icon in the craft business industry.

Favorite Trade Show:
Memory Trends - it's much more relaxed than CHA

Favorite Scrapbook product line
too hard to pin down. I am into "funky retro" right now. I love the new Daisy D's CLASSICS line (http://www.daisydspaper.com/catalogs/index.php?ct=1). It's perfect for my 60's childhood photos! I just bought a bunch at their store in Ogden, UT (Daisy Dots and Doodles)

I also love all the new coordinated product kits out there! DO YOU HEAR ME MANUFACTURERS?? WE NEED MORE COORDINATED PRODUCT KITS! They make scrapping so easy - just grab and go!

Favorite Message Board:
www.ScrapBiz.com of course! You have to be a member, though.

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