Sep 20, 2005

Digi-scrapper visionary... and I didn't know it!

Remember Remember it BEFORE it became a website for business owners after it was purchased by Accucut? I remember seeing an ad for it in a CK magazine a LONG time ago. It was the FIRST scrapping-related website that I ever saw advertised. I thought it was a place I could do COMPUTER SCRAPPING at. I was sort of disappointed when I finally went to the site and saw that it was just information. Remember the super bright funky graphics? It looked like Christmas!

When I started scrapping in the early 90's, we owned an office equipment business. Some of my first pages include computer journaling and computer graphics (in black and white of course because if you were lucky enough to HAVE a color printer back then, you would have not used the colored ink if your life depended on it - LOL!). I remember using graphics from PRINT SHOP (remember that program?). I used to tell my dh all the time that the minute I could scan my photos in and scrapbook them using my computer, I would be ALL OVER THAT like hair on a dog. Then we got a scanner and I attempted to scan photos in. They looked HORRIBLE and the printer was even worse! I had this really cheesy computer scrapping program with really cheesy graphics. The pages were pretty much just "ploppers" where you PLOPPED the photo onto the page. I finally gave up. It took too long to scan the photos in and the cost of colored ink made my dh have a coronary every time I printed out a page!

Digital photography has removed the head-ache of scanning photos! Now my problem is printing my photos off the computer to scrap them - it's like the whole issue has reversed itself. Once I wished I could get the photos ON the computer to scrap and now I wish I could get them OFF the computer to scrap!!!!

I DO like Digital Scrapping! I love it for photos from my childhood and old photos of ancestors. I haven't found the perfect way to organize digital scrapbooking elements yet so I am hesitant to get a lot of them.

It makes me laugh, though. I was ahead of my time. I wanted to Digitally scrap 13 years ago. Now that I can, I don't...

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