Sep 6, 2005

HoW cLeAn Is YoUr ScRaPrOoM???

Last night I sat down to go through Mount Saint Scrapbook Magazine and managed to catch two episodes of "How Clean is Your House". If you haven't seen this show - it's a hoot! These two totally hysterical (and brave) British cleaning experts invade an American home that should probably be condemned and not cleaned. I mean, do people REALLY never change their sheets or clean out their fridges??? These ladies get in there with bare hands and noses to inspect the place (they pick unknown things up with bare hands - EWWWWWWWWW!) before bringing in their cleaning team to decontaminate it. In the meantime, they verbally beat the people who made the mess for letting it get to this point. It makes me feel better about my small piles of clutter here and there (like Mount Saint Magazine).

Anyway, this morning, the thought went through my head that if Kim and Aggie showed up at my house with a version of the show called, "HOW CLEAN IS YOUR SCRAPROOM", they'd be able to nail me to the wall. Okay, there is no cat pee nor are there peanut butter sandwiches under the piles, BUT, I don't know where half my QK dies are and my PP is MIXED in a big pile. Both of those are scrapping felonies. Oh, and I have to scrap at the dining room table because my HUGE Ikea desk is COVERED with stuff.

So, let's play, "HOW CLEAN IS YOUR SCRAPROOM?" Email me 1-3 photos of your scraproom mess (I won't post your name to protect the guilty parties) and tell me WHAT your scraproom felonies are. I'll post them here in my blog in the coming weeks. Who knows, if one catches my eye and makes me laugh, I just might send out a prize.

My email address is Kim at (insert the @ as normal - I'm trying to limit the SPAM).

I'll post some photos of my own scraproom later!

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