Sep 19, 2005

I DON'T *heart* School Fund Raisers...

THE PACKET came home on Friday. I think I groaned out loud when my kids handed them to me. I HATE these things. I don't dislike the idea of fund-raising. The PTA gets some great stuff for the school. What I hate is the company they seem to be married to (Kathryn Beich), the over-priced junk the company sells (who NEEDS a taco maker/holder plate or a cheesy scrapbook kit - and wrapping paper is a LOT cheaper every where else), and the way they go about it.

They WASTE educational time with a kick-off assembly where they whip the children into a frenzy about the prizes they COULD get if they only sold 100 things. Last year, it was that RC Robot that everyone wanted for Christmas. They had a GIANT version of it come and tell the kids they could have their very own - all they had to do is sell 100 items from the catalog. Sure, like anyone ever does THAT. I feel like they should warn parents when the assembly is so that we can go to the school and take our kids to the library if we choose not to participate. They don't want us to know when the assembly is because I think the library would be full. None of my neighbors like these things.

They give the kids some cheap balloon or bracelet if they sell only ONE thing so my kids come home whining and begging for me to buy stuff. One 5th grade teacher assigned the postcards that you send to relatives to beg them to buy from you as HOMEWORK!!!! She told the kids they HAD to bring them back on Monday with all 10 filled out to get extra credit points! Let me tell you, my neighbor (whose daugher is in that class) WAS MAD!

There are so many other fund-raisers out there with stuff people would actually USE. Papa Johns has a Pizza fund-raiser where the schools get the same 50% this company promises them (easy to do when you mark up the retail price 50% over what it could be bought for at a store). Who doesn't eat pizza? I would buy a year's worth of pizza coupons gladly!

Am I the only one who resents these things?? I feel like the kids are being exploited for the PTA. I would much rather just write out a $50 check and be done with it and not have to buy nasty peanut butter cups that are $18 a pound.

The PTA does a GREAT silent auction in the Spring - we bid big money on things we actually WANT (we took a fun trip to the Zoo this summer from the Auction). But, it's not as easy as turning it over to a for-profit company with a slick catalog and a high-pressure pitch.

They might find me volunteering for the fund-raising committee next year...

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