Sep 3, 2005

Ode to the First Day of School...

After spending the last 2 1/2 months entertaining my kids (and a few extra ones - which usually felt almost the same as a prision riot) and trying to work from the house, I will be able to reclaim my working life on Wednesday of this week. My youngest starts first grade this year so I get SILENCE from 8:50 to 3:50 every day! I can't wait!!!

I think every mother can relate to one of my favorite poems. It's by Marjorie Lee and from a book called "What Have You Done All Day?".

We've a backyard with a sandbox,
and a newly fixtured cellar,
And a patio and pool deck
Fit for any Rockefeller;
So they've space their drums to beat on
And their little bells to chime in-
But they're bound to choose the area
That I'm in.
When I sit with classic novel
Set for cultural battalions,
All its characters start moving
To the lope of western stallions;
Lined before the television
There's a sofa, stool and high chair -
But of course it's still essential
To use my chair.
My boys are independent
And my girls are quite resourceful,
Or so hired victims tell me
When I've warned them to be forceful;
Says the sitter, "They were angels,
And we've had a quiet time home."
What, I ask, brings forth the massacre
When I'm home?
Raise a cheer for modern mothers
Who can plan their hours of leisure
In a cell of self-seclusion,
Rapt with solitary pleasure -
But with me it could be Shanghai,
Or a coastline Bali Balian,
A castle walled in marble
Of dimensions Taj Mahalian;
A stadium by Lewissohn
For record-breaking quotas,
Or two ranches where the cattle graze
In both of the Dakotas,
Or three mansions flanked by meadows
Borrowed from the King of Siam -
They would still elect to congregate
Where I am.
Here's to the first day of school and being home all alone...
Thank you, Teachers!!!!


sandy said...

Hmmmm....just couldn't read your blog without leaving a comment. I guess I'm one of the few moms who actually enjoy spending time with my kids. They are a joy and a blessing and I cherish every moment with them.
I think if you are spending your entire summer trying to find ways to entertain your kids and playing referee, then shame on you Mom - you've not done your job with raising them.

Kim Guymon said...

Ever taken your kids to work with you? Ever tried to make a phone call or write an intelligent email when you have two children standing in your office arguing over a super soaker?

I enjoy spending time with my kids as EVERY MOTHER DOES, but I am also running an international business from my home. My kids got the summer off, I didn't...

Sandy said...

Yep, yep, and yep. I've done all those things with my kids. I also run a home-based business, plus do conventions across the country and homeschool.
My kids aren't perfect and neither am I. We have days when everything seems out of control. It's then that I have to remind myself that my kids are my first priority, not my job.