Oct 20, 2005

I need....

I am making my Christmas cards. I LOVE card ideas in magazines, but honestly, do they really expect me to make 40 Christmas cards using $4 worth of embellishments on each? Those cards are cute, if you have a Christmas card list with ONE person on it. Let's see... 40x$4=$160 for cards. Not gonna happen... My other issue is ULTRA lumpy embellishments. I LOVE clips and things, but I guarantee that the processing machinery at the Post Office won't love them. I can see my cards totally shredding a machine. I don't think mini-clipboards are a good card idea.

So, I am making some cards of my own design using my laser printer, some graphics and some PP. They look great. What I NEED, though, is stick-on eyelet heads. Wouldn't that be cool? Peel and stick eyelets! I don't want to pound 4 eyelets onto every card - nor do I need the back of the eyelet going clear through the PP and the card to anchor it. I want to use my Herma and then just stick eyelet tops in the corners so it will LOOK like I hammered eyelets - but without the bulk through the back. That would be GREAT with vellum pockets - use mini-glue dots in the corners and then peel and stick an eyelet top over the glue dot.

Good products solve problems for consumers. I have a problem, could somebody solve it for me?? PLEASE? Before Christmas??? :0)

BTW - Did you know that you can send your cards in CLEAR envelopes without extra postage? I get my clear envies at Paper Zone. You just have to print out address labels for them. People LOVE getting handmade cards in the clear envelopes.

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