Oct 12, 2005

Info on the New Pazzles Mini

CORRECTION: According to my source at Pazzles, the Mini WILL cut Bazzill, but it has to go over with the blade twice. Luckily, the machine is precision enough to go back over the same spot many times. So, you CAN cut Bazzill, it just takes 2 passes of the blade.

One more thing - I have heard that it's possible to make a connected title with the Wishblade. HOWEVER, you have to basically make a graphic image in another program FIRST. Sounds like a hassle to me. I have seen the Mini in action and you connect your fonts (even 2Peas Fonts!) RIGHT ON YOUR SCREEN IN THE PAZZLES SOFTWARE and then hit "CUT"! You don't have to go to a second program FIRST and make the "graphic" (which is essentially what you are doing) so you can cut it out.

First of all, I heard a couple of things at Memory Trends about the other cutters that were recently introduced. The Cricut by Provo Craft WILL be sold at Michaels and it WILL be doing a one-shot deal in the future on QVC. Soooo, don't look for that machine to be "coming soon to a store near you" unless it's a M's. I don't think many LSS's would bother. Provo Craft is pretty much cutting the legs out from underneath the stores with the way it's being distributed.

Secondly, as I walked by the Xyron booth, some Xyron man with a LOUD voice was going on and on about their chat with Oriental Trading Company. Apparently, the Wishblade will be making an appearance in the Oriental Trading Company Catalog in the future.

Finally, I got my hands on the new Pazzles Mini Creative Cutter. I was THRILLED with that little wonder! It looks similar to the Wishblade, but has one important difference. IT CUTS CONNECTED TITLES!!!!!!!! It can cut any font you have but it can also connect the letters to cut one continuous word!!!! I don't think the Wishblade does that and I KNOW that both the Cricut and the Xyron Personal Cutter don't do that. The software that drives the Mini cutter is the same software that drives the Pro version.

The Mini cuts PP and medium weight cardstock. It will not cut textured cardstock like Bazzill. But, then, none of the blade cutters will cut Bazzill. The problem is that it's like dragging a knife through something chunky. The texture of the cardstock throws off the pressure of the blade and can cause skipping and tearing. Perhaps Bazzill will come out with a "blade cutter friendly" version of their cardstock.

Now, for pricing.... The Pazzles Mini is $495 plus $150 for the software. And, they are hoping that you can have one of these under your Christmas tree this year...

Dear Santa...

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Anonymous said...

can any one tell me about the product compared to the robo cutter. Can you print straight from your computor with you own desings or are they all preset designs?
i have never seen on in operation only the robo cutter and another type. Not sure about the mini cutter?
email: qaaf@lizzy.com.au

Thanks for your help