Oct 27, 2005

Pie Crust (yes, it's SBR)

When I was growing up, my mom knew a lady in our church who made the most unbelievably good pies! Everyone wanted her pie-crust recipe but she would never give it away. As an adult, I moved back to this area and became reacquainted with her again. People were STILL asking for her pie-crust recipe, but she STILL wouldn't give it away.
Well, one day, my friend Amy, (HI AMY!!!) called me and told me to open up the November CK magazine and look at the layout on a certain page. She said, "Do you know who made that layout???" I didn't. She then informed me that it was this Pie-crust-making woman's daughter-in-law. The layout was something about "MAKING PIES LIKE GRANDMA" or something similar. There, on the page, in all it's glory (but very small, I had to get out a magnifying glass) was "GRANDMA'S PIE CRUST RECIPE".
We laughed our heads off for a few minutes. We wondered if this DIL would be tossed out of the family if it was found out she had revealed THE PIE CRUST RECIPE!!!! This recipe had been closely held since before this DIL was probably born!
So, we copied it down and tried it and of course, it was FABULOUS! I have never been able to make a good pie, but this crust is practically fool-proof!
So, here it is - thanks to CK - for your Thanksgiving pies!
8 oz of Cream Cheese
1 lb salted butter - softened (don’t use margarine)
3 ¾ cup flour

Place all ingredients in a mixer bowl and mix at medium speed until you get a well-mixed dough. Make a ball and wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 15 minutes.

Divide dough into 6 balls. You can freeze the balls for a couple of weeks but make sure they are well wrapped in plastic wrap.


Kristy said...

I am so going to save this recipe! Looks great!

SB said...

Gotta say it....That recipe ROCKS! I shared it (and your blog) with a group of friends and we talked more about the recipe than our pages!
I love reading your stuff.....now, do you have good recipe for cranberry chutney?


Anonymous said...

BAAHHHAAA!!! Thanks for the laugh today Kim. Do you think the DIL reads your blog and will put 2 and 2 together? I still haven't told our pie crust friend about it and I wonder if she even knows. I didn't want to be the bad guy on this one :o) Thanks for the reminder to use this recipe in addition to our Caramel Apple Peacan Crunch Pie for turkey day. Time for the diet!!!


ania said...

Lol... ookay :) Thanks for sharing - guess I'll have to try translate the measurements to European ones..

All moments remembered said...

HEY WAIT did I miss a caramel apple pecan pie recipe???? I am so going to try this crust. Mine and my hubbys family are coming to our house for Thanksgiving. My mom is famous for her crust but maybe I can impress her now!! I need to go search your blog for the other recipe now too!!!