Nov 10, 2005

Your ads should reflect your quality...

I walked into a large national craft retailer the other day and noticed signs up front for upcoming classes. There is a scrapbooking class coming up soon and the sign advertising it was a disaster! It was a large piece of white poster board on which someone had scribbled the class info with a large felt-tip pen. The letters weren't straight or even decorative and there was nothing that made me think it would be a class of quality.

As I checked out, I asked if the teachers make their own signs for classes and I was told that they do. Wow - I almost signed up for the class to see if anyone had responded to the "ad".

It was a good business lesson - if you are teaching a quality class or want to be thought of as a quality business, then what do your ads say about you? Do they reflect your message of quality or do they betray it?

It was something to ponder on a rainy Tuesday afternoon.


Sarah said...

Signage is a hobby of mine too. What's that saying about first impressions?

Christy B said...

Amen Sarah! I was thinking the exact same thing!!!