Jan 18, 2006

Pink Tootsies in January - oh, and we'll be closed for a week...

I painted my toenails pink this morning. I keep them well-dressed all summer when it's sandal weather, but neglect them horribly in the winter when they are wrapped in socky warmth.

Well, we're goin' to Orlando. That means digging the sandals, shorts, capris and swimsuits out of the storage boxes. It also means slathering on "fake tan" lotion so our family doesn't glow in the dark - LOL!

And, it means that ScrapBiz will be closed from January 19-26. We won't be shipping any Start-Up Guides while we're gone and will probably not answer too many emails. We'll be visiting Mickey and gang by day and kicking back in our rented Villa with the private pool by night.

See ya' at CHA!

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