Feb 1, 2006

Viva Las Vegas...

Even my dh was AMAZED at my Trade-Show Stamina. He was begging to sit down and I was trudging forward to get through it all. My feet feel like they have been run over with a steam roller and my legs feel like I have been skiing, but I went, I saw and I conquered the beast called CHA.

Interestingly, as we were flying home, Vanna White was standing at the gate next to ours at the airport trying to figure out which flight to Burbank she was supposed to be on. She was flying Southwest Airlines - oh, how the mighty letter turners have fallen... Where were her "people"? She had one guy carrying her bag and asking questions. What no first class????

She was at CHA with Lion Brand Yarns. I saw her earlier that day sashaying down their run-way. She knits!

I also had a brush with former Miss America, Sharlene Wells-Hawkes at the Lasting Impressions booth. I had no idea she was their marketing director. All THAT encounter did was remind me how old BOTH of us are getting - LOL! She "matured" better than I did, though.

And, of course, there was Ali Edwards, Heidi Swapp, Stacy Julian, Heidi Grace and Lisa Bearnson sightings everywhere. Of course, they are just common scrapbook celebrities. I got to have my photo taken with Elvis - now THAT'S a true Las Vegas moment!

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