Mar 4, 2006

FINALLY! CM comes up with a word we're all gonna let them own...

MEMORANZA!!! What the heck is a Memoranza? Apparently, CM is ticked that everyone is now using NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK DAY (a holiday THEY started) so in their continual effort to look different and not be part of the greater scrapbook universe, they have coined a new word for their "first saturday in May" celebration - MEMORANZA.

As we know, CM thinks they flat-out own the words CREATIVE and MEMORIES (ask anyone who has posted an auction at eBay using both of those words for a non-CM product or anyone who has named their scrapbook store anything with those two words in it). If you use them together in a sentence ("Wow! You've been really CREATIVE in scrapbooking your MEMORIES".), you'll get a letter from their legal department. I guess they couldn't get a trademark on "National" and "Scrapbook" and "Day" so now they made up a word that they CAN trademark and own. Honestly, I wouldn't bother with the attorney fees to trademark it because I can almost guarantee them that NOBODY will be stealing it... "HEY, HONEY! I'LL BE BACK TONIGHT! I'M GOING TO A MEMORANZA!" It really rollllls off the tongue, doesn't it???

I guess MEMORAPALOOZA was too hard to spell... Or, as was suggested by someone else, Memorestivus (think FESTIVUS).

If you GOOGLE "MEMORANZA", you come up with a bunch of announcements and press releases for "Memoranza" events. But, almost all of them include some form of a definition of the word like, "Scrapbook Crop" or "National Scrapbook Day Event". It's pretty bad when you have to define a word because know one knows what it is.



Annie said...


Thanks for the laugh! I think they are so sad!


Anonymous said...

gee no need to be so rude about it.
i love CM