Apr 11, 2006

Spring Break!

We just had another fabulous Spring Break on the Oregon Coast. Whoever started us on renting a beach house should be made a saint. That is the BEST part - Ocean Front! Mark and I would go sleep every night with our window open. It was heaven to be lulled to sleep by the waves (although Mark said it sounded like the freeway - LOL!).

We all had a blast! I even made T-shirts for the kids! They loved them.

One of our out-of-state nieces sent her Flat Stanley for us to take with us. It was her Kindergarten project. Flat Stanley's were sent all over for a month-long adventure. He had a great time and I managed to scrap the pictures and the story of his adventures with us in time to send him back to her. She is SO getting an A+! We felt totally ridiculous posing him everywhere we went - the batting cages, the scrapbook store, the cheese factory. But, we ran into a family doing the exact same thing for someone in their family, too. It must be the new Kindergarten thing.

Now, to dive back into the Biz. And, think about scrapping all those photos!

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Chelle said...

Just a quick comment to say I love the action shot picture at the top.