May 15, 2006

The Newest Scrapbook Accessory - HANDCUFFS!

WOW! I can't tell you how disappointed I am over what happened at the Mega Meet in Novi, MI this past weekend. There was so much shoplifting going on that they took to checking bags and receipts at the door. One scrapper was hauled away in handcuffs when they found $1000 worth of merchandise on her that she hadn't paid for. I heard that several others got to try on those matching bracelets, too.

How do you scrap with stolen stuff? How could you possibly feel good about that??? Wendy of Lickety Split Scrapbooks had a very special altered tin made by Lisa at Sweet Pea Designs stolen from her booth. How in the heck could you ever feel good looking at the tin you stole from the Mega Meet?

I know that the economy is tough in Michigan right now, but honestly, are we THAT desperate to get hold of scrapbook supplies? It's not worth going to jail over... I'm sorry that a select few had to ruin it for everyone. Maybe we ought to punish the shoplifters by putting them in a room with a bunch of scrappers who had their happy weekend ruined by the incidents. We could hand out Crop-A-Diles and Fastenators and let them take care of it ... ;-)

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