May 27, 2006

An Open Letter to Peas

Dear Peas,

I know things have gotten rough for you lately. Your universe has changed and many of you don't like that. But, this being a free world and all, you CAN find another place to hang out. The Pubsters did it and you can too! It may not have all the cute "Pea-isms" that go with it. But, you may find it less restrictive and with fewer fights and less tattling.

If you are done Pea-ing. Here is a list of very good hang-outs on the net. Try some of these and maybe you'll find there's a whole lot more to "eat" than just Peas.

Remember to play nice!


"Kreative Karma" said...

This is an interesting post. I am on 2Peas but am rarely on there. When I do find the time to pea, I enjoy eadin the posts and posting layouts. What exactly has changed?

Anonymous said...

In a pea-shell - LOL... 2 Peas was sold to Kaboose - a multi-national family friendly company who owns a few other online communities. The Terms of Use at 2Peas have changed even though the former owners said they wouldn't. Kaboose owns the rights to anything in the gallery as long as it's there. And, when it's removed, they STILL retain a copy of it on their server.

Next up, I believe, paid access. The owners have said it wasn't going to happen, but then, they aren't the owners anymore, are they?? And, Kaboose often turns free online communities into pay for play access communities. They didn't just buy 2Peas for the store, they bought it for the community and they will figure out how to squeeze as much $$ out of the community as possible. Kaboose is in the business of making $, not providing online community centers as 2Peas currently is.

Tim said...

Hiya, Colin Wright, the Birdseye agricultural manager, is moblogging his pea harvest this year (thought you might find that interesting).

It's day 21 and there isn't enough rain...

Deb said...

Just found a new community at along with a great directory to Scrapbook Stores, Consultants and more.