Jun 5, 2006

Hey, Good Lookin'!

I was scanning some photos this weekend from some old black pulpy albums my mom has. I am making a Picaboo Album for the Auction at our Family Reunion later this month. The photos were glued in with cement, I think. My mom had a hard time getting photos out without destroying them. We are going to have to take some Un-Du to some of them - they are firmly glue from edge to edge. Insterestingly, despite the obvious pulpy acid paper and glue, the photos are in perfect condition with no yellowing of the edges. But, the photos needed to be scanned so they can be shared - they are a treasure-trove of family photos of my mom, her 3 siblings and my grandparents and great grandparents.

My maternal grandparents have a great story. My grandpa was as shy as they come (he always was the strong, silent type) and my grandmother (not the most beautiful woman in the world) would always go fetch him in from the orchard when her family was visiting his. He would run out of the house and hide and she would go find him and bring him back. I don't think that any other girl had ever done that so he figured he'd marry her since this one didn't look like she minded him.

But, I can't IMAGINE that the girls weren't hanging around my grandpa. He was HOT! When he rode the rails looking for work during the Depression, he should have ridden them to Hollywood because Errol Flynn and Douglas Fairbanks (the stars of that era) had NOTHING over my grandfather. BTW, I don't know who the little boy is in the one photo, but that baby in the other is my mom!

Unfortunately, I look an awful lot like the OTHER side of that pair. Someday I am going to gather all the photos of my female ancestors and scrap a page called "Where I Got My Good Looks!" There are some dour and homely women in my past and I seem to resemble many of them!

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Anonymous said...

Your grandpa is indeed a good looking man.

You homely? Not at all. From what I can see from your photo, you are FAR from being homely. I think you are an attractive woman!