Jul 3, 2006

Trade Show Tip: Wear Sensible Shoes!!!

CHA is soon upon us. The summer show is held in Chicago. Chicago in July is not my idea of fun. I have never attended the CHA Summer Show because it always falls on the same weekend as my family reunion . However, I DID attend CHA Winter in Las Vegas earlier this year (and I'm looking forward to Memory Trends!). I was staying at the Embassy Suites Hotel which was one of the closest to the Convention Center. While waiting for ScrapBiz members to arrive for our evening get-together in my suite, I sat in the Lobby and watched CHA attendees and workers arrive back from the show.

Let me tell you, I was SHOCKED at the shoes I saw getting off the show shuttle. It was winter and, even though it was Vegas and warm, there were a LOT of high-heeled boots walking in the door. Not, the kind with the big, chunky heels, but the black, shiny kind with the stiletto or tiny kitten heels. Many of these were on women who were wearing "show shirts". How in the WORLD did they stand in these all day????

Then there was the "Comfort Camp". I'm not sure you could have found a pair of Crocs in all of Vegas that weekend. The Crocs, while ultra comfy, don't really look that great with your cute skirt. But, I give the croc camp points for sensibility. At least they didn't need a visit to a podiatrist after the show. As for myself, I am a Clarks shoes kind of girl - comfy, yet business like.

So, if you're heading for Chicago in a couple of weeks for CHA. Wear comfy shoes (NOT like the sandals shown here), take water, a rolling bag, some Zone bars to snack on, address labels with your info preprinted on them and copies of your business license. Shop sensibly, dress sensibly and have fun!

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Angie Pedersen said...

I completely agree with all those tips, Kim! Spot on advice! ;)