Aug 15, 2006

Ikea Find!!!!

I picked up these TOO COOL frames at Ikea in Seattle a couple of weeks ago. The set is called Finlir Fladdra (very funky name) and it's only $6.99. It has five 6x6 inch acrylic frames that hang from the ceiling like a very cool mobile. I broke mine into two sets though (2 and 3), and I want to get another set to add a third line of 4. Using Scrapbook Max! software, I scrapped 10 6x6 pages to put in them. You have to digi-scrap the pages becuase there is no room for embellishments. Actually, okay, I added a snowflake die-cut to one page, but if it's not flat, it can't go in the frames. I can see a whole wall in a scrap studio with these. It's like a hanging mini-scrapbook.

It's like they are made JUST FOR US! Finlir Fladdra must mean "Perfect for Scrapbookers" in Swedish!

By the way, if you are in the Seattle area, look for a scrapbook organization class coming in October to the Seattle Ikea. I will be teaching it along with their design center and we are going to have some GREAT ideas for you!

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