Aug 14, 2006

Music to Scrap By...

My new favorite CD that is in my computer CD player right now is: "Not Your Mother's LDS Music 2". It ROCKS!!! My kids have about worn it out. My 8 year old's favorite song is a rock song by Jenny Jordan Frogley called "I Came To Win" (he's proud of the fact that he knows ALL the words) and my 7 year old is into the smooooth funk by Aley Boye called "Build the World". Both of them LOVE to rock out to this CD and will dance around my scrap studio when I have it playing. Hey, it beats High School Musical - which I'd had enough of after the first play-through!

You don't even have to be LDS to love this CD - it's basically Christian rock. And, if you have teenage girl, you'll love the song "Typical Girl" by Cheri Magill.

So, what's in YOUR CD player???

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Stacy Armstrong ~ Come on in, The Studio is Open ~ said...

Just listen to the soundbites! OH! That's good. Thanks for the heads up....I'm going to order one.