Sep 18, 2006


So, we like to have fun at ScrapBiz. We have this whole running story line that started a couple of years ago. I don't even know WHO started it, but it all started with the "Clubhouse". We call the ScrapBiz Member Message board "The Clubhouse". It's a mythical members-only place with a swimming pool and a sturdy blender. What more do you need? Actually, we also have a Pool-boy named Sergio - he's HOT but unrealiable. He has a "thing" for Ricky Martin and will often run off on his Vespa scooter to follow the Ricky Martin tour. But, he has been known to hop on his scooter and run off to soothe the business woes of ScrapBiz members all around the world. Whenever somone is having a bad day, they call for Sergio.

We also have a housekeeper named Olga. She's supposed to keep the Clubhouse clean. She does a good job but she's not as much fun (or useful) as Sergio.

So, last month, ScrapBiz member Lisa (and owner of Crop Away Cruises) cruised to Mexico with ScrapBiz Member, Wendy Linn (owner of Lickety Split Scrapbooks) as a class teacher. They found a REAL LIFE Sergio in a REALLY handsome, sweet, Russian waiter on the trip. His name is Sergei. He didn't know what he was in for with Wendy and Lisa!!! They had a friendly fight over his attention all week - LOL! Sergei didn't even now what scrapbooking was, but at the end of the cruise, they gave him a scrapbook of all the photos they had taken of him that week. He was touched and Lisa has a photo of him with the sweetest smile on his face as he looked through the book.

So, we "hired" Sergei to work at ScrapBiz. Sergio didn't come back from the last Ricky Martin concert so we fired him and moved Sergei into his room at the Clubhouse. Sergei runs our news stand and delivers our news (he's also handy with the Blender - just ask Lisa and Wendy - LOL!). We have RSS feeds coming into the Clubhouse from Angie Pedersen's Scrapbook Industry News and every time a feed comes in, it comes in with Sergei's photo on it. It's amazing HOW MUCH NEWS is being read at ScrapBiz now - LOL! We LOVE it when Angie posts something at her site because it means we get to look at Sergei when the feed comes through to the clubhouse.

Eye-candy and news - you have no idea what you're missing at ScrapBiz - LOL! Like I said, we like to have FUN at ScrapBiz!

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Angie Pedersen said...

Nice to hear you love when I post news, though I don't think it's for quite the same reason as I would hope... LOL This just cracks me up! Hey, if it draws visitors to my blog, I guess I can't complain too much! Plus, Sergei is smokin'! A handsome, sweet guy waiting on you during a cruise to Mexico... ScrapBiz IS good for business! ;)