Oct 31, 2006

Happy Halloween - a VERY SCARY clip from YouTube (The View)

I watched this AGAIN this morning courtesy of YouTube and, yet again, my eyelids were fluttering practically out of control. It's like watching a video of liposuction - you sit there and cringe with your eyes half-covered the whole time but yet you watch - in morbid fascination. Hey, I am all for scrapping how you want to scrap, but this wasn't even basically sound advice.

In 6 minutes, Rosie, et al set scrapbooking BACK to the early 90's - GLUE STICKS, SCOTCH TAPE, BLOW PENS - YIKES! And, no, I don't think I'll scrap with the contents of my purse - it's full of gum wrappers and stray earrings - not exactly scrap worthy.

I figure since it's Halloween, I'll post this SCARY clip of Rosie and Elisabeth sending scrapping back to the stone age!

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Pam Tremble said...

Thanks for posting the video. I've been hearing about how horrible it was, but now that I've seen it, I don't really thing it's so bad. It's more about art journaling than it is about scrapbooking, I think. In an art journal anything goes. Maybe if they'd introduced it as an alternative to traditional scrapbooking it would have sat better with people. I use a lot of these techniques in my artsy Book of Me. Afterall, scrapbooking is about having fun, right?