Oct 19, 2006

The View on Scrapbooking - YIKES!

Did you catch scrapbooking on THE VIEW today? First of all, Rosie needs to zip her lip once in a while and let others talk! The poor guests didn't even get to say a word.

Here is scrapping according to The View:

  1. Use glue sticks
  2. Paint on your photos (they slathered craft paint all over one photo)
  3. Tear your photos
  4. glue stuff all over your photos
  5. cut your photos into silhouettes
  6. Use scotch tape
  7. Elmer's glue is acceptable

They just set scrapbooking back 15 years!!!! They neglected to say, "USE ARCHIVAL QUALITY MATERIALS" and "DON'T USE ORIGINAL PHOTOS". My eyes were rolling up into my head the whole time I watched. If I hadn't been watching it in Les Schawb while waiting to have my tires rotated, I would have been screaming!

I am not a believer that there is ONE CORRECT WAY to scrap; do it how you want. But, there are some archival considerations for long-term storage and you shouldn't trash your original photos!

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