Nov 16, 2006

The F-Bomb and other Annoying, Unprofessional Words...

What is it with using profanity in business blogs? Lately, the F-bomb seems to be the word of choice with the "U" artfully *'ed out. Like I don't know what you mean when you use the * instead of a vowel.

Frankly, I find it highly offensive and will cease to read that blog. I mean, if you're trying to make a name for yourself in the industry in one way or another, start by not offending people with your language. It's very unprofessional. Most work places would not allow you to swear like a sailor. And, many people will find it unsavory and NOT want to hire you to work for or with them.

There is nothing "artful" about profanity in the workplace. Most people may not realize that their blog, when used as a tool to further their career, IS the workplace and your choice of words is a direct reflection on you!

Let your choice of words be as creative as the pages you make!

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