Nov 26, 2006

It doesn't JUST rain in Seattle...

Sometimes it snows, too! This is from my front door at 7:15 on Sunday night. We usually get a little snow in January. This is VERY unusual for November. And, in Seattle, we are wimps. The bus drivers will go scurrying for cover in the morning. I assume it will be a "snow day"even though the roads will be all melted off by noon. They sent home a "snow route" paper last week to let us know where the bus would pick up our kids on snow days. It's made me laugh because this is a blizzard by Seattle standards and will surely cause school to be cancelled. I mean, they cancel it when the road is BARELY covered with snow, how little would they need to put the busses on "snow routes".

Okay, all you Midwesterners and Canadians - you can stop laughing now. I already admitted we were wimps. We lived in Mishawaka, Indiana for a year and survived a pretty snowy winter and the kids went to school every day.

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