Dec 11, 2006

My Christmas cards are DONE!

And... in the mail!

Here's my tip for making cards - don't get too uptight about making them all the same. Pick a central design - mine was a punched circle with a die-cut JOY with a rhinestone dotting the "J". Then, I just used whatever coordinating paper I could get my hands on. The cards were all slightly different and that's okay. It's so hard to find enough of one embellishment. I wish scrapbook companies would put out packs of, say, 25 of the exact same embellishment this time of the year. It would make it easier to bang out a batch of cards. Even the card packs I have seen have too much variety in them. I don't have time to over-think the cards. I just want them DONE!

For a really festive look, spritz them lightly with glitter spray from the paint or craft store. It can really jazz up a card!

Merry Christmas!!!

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