Jan 31, 2007

And the CHA Virtual Tour just keeps on a'coming...

Alicia ROCKS! Thanks!

Crate Paper

Cyber Cafe

Delish Designs

Canvas Concepts


Rusty Pickle

Karen Foster

Just like being there...


Stephanie C said...

Thanks so much to both of you for sharing these! I probably will never get to CHA,so it was fun to get a taste of the action.

Bunch Of Fun said...

It's great to see video of some booths.

I was an exhibitor at the CHA show but didn't have much time to roam.

By the way, did you find that the number of attendees was down? It was my first time exhibiting but others that I spoke with said that there were fewer visitors.

My feet are sore but it was invigorating to soak up all the talent at that show.

- Carleton