Jan 5, 2007

ScrapBiz members speak...

On New Year's Eve, someone started a thread at ScrapBiz about the new year. Some kind words were said about ScrapBiz. If you are on the fence about joining us, please go for it! We have so many members who can't believe they didn't join ScrapBiz sooner. It's not all about what WE provide for our members, but what our members provide for each other in the form of support.

Some of the trade magazines have talked about how they would like to figure out how get stores to stop looking at each other as sworn enemies and start working together for the benefit of everyone. We have that at ScrapBiz! If people are near each other, they work together instead of acting like competition. Even if they AREN'T near each other, they sometimes form partnerships. We have one partnership that was formed by 2 members who had never met. One was in CA and the other was in RI (now she's in WA). They finally just met at Memory Trends last October after being in business together for almost a year. Luckily, they liked each other IRL! The result was Midnight Oil Scrapbook Designs - a new product manufacturer.

Here are some excerpts from that thread:

  • "As I sit here cutting kits for the new show season, I have to look back on the year past. I realized what an important part of my day to day life Scrapbiz is. Strange when you think about the fact that most of us have not met nor probably ever will. I have met a few of you and its always been a highlight of my event when I can. I 'met' my event partner through Scrapbiz and we have already scheduled our second year together shows. I've had the opportunity to visit Wendy's booth and see the amazing talents of those who work for her. I feel truly blessed."

  • "Right there with ya! I couldn't do this without Scrapbiz. I love meeting everyone at the shows. And so many of you have helped me out - and still are, it's wonderful to have this place to come to for support and so much more!"

  • "Scrapbiz is a huge part of my day. I check in pretty much everyday, most of the time more than once. I find advice and support here--both personally and professionally.I've made great business contacts and amazing friendships here."

  • "Scrapbiz is a wonderful resource that I just can't live without! I've met so many friends through Scrapbiz and have had some wonderful business opportunities that I would have never discovered otherwise!"

  • "I wouldn't even have a business if it weren't for ScrapBiz."

  • "I like that everyone kind of has their own spin on their business, so even though we all do similar things, it is way more collaborative than it is competitive. I like that the support here goes beyond just business, and yet on the business end, everyone is great at sharing resources and opportunities, and will give honest feedback."

  • I would not want to even think about what my business life would be without Scrapbiz! I've made some amazing connections, true friendships, and had the best therapy sessions! This begins my third year with Scrapbiz and I know it will be the best!

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