Mar 1, 2007

The Ground Hog is a LIAR!

Spring comes early in Seattle (most of the time). The early daffodils were in bloom and my tulips were up about 4 inches. The forsythia was starting to swell and would be in bloom in a week or two. But, then, "Global Warming" decided to play a cruel trick on us yesterday. Right as my kids were getting ready to get on the bus, it started to snow. Being the native Washingtonian that I am - I wouldn't let them wear their boots to school since I was SURE that snow this late in the winter would turn to rain and be gone before lunch. WRONG! It snowed ALL DAY and most of the night and this is the result. We have yet ANOTHER snow day without school (our 6th I believe) and now we will go to school until the last week in June since we are fresh out of makeup days.

I demand a new groundhog next year. ...early spring... HA! We have at least 6 inches of snow on the ground this morning.


Dale Anne said...

Technically - spring isn't until March the groundhog could still be right!
Its all crap & hype anyway! Spring will come whenever it feels like it - regardless of the the stupid groundhog!!! LOL
The one saying I believe is March comes in like a Lion and will go out like a lamb!
ENJOY your snow day!!!

Stephanie C said...

Kim, I will trade ya that 6inches for the 12-18 we are getting tonight LOL! But I can't complain, it's only the 2nd Nor'Easter of the year, its been really dry here. Do a fun project with the kids :) Go make a snowman