Mar 5, 2007

Imagine... a digi crop

Would it be possible for digi scrappers to physically get together and crop? I envision a room full of women hidden behind their laptops with the glow of their screens bouncing off their faces. It would look more like a Microsoft convention than a crop. What could you share? You can't say, "Hey, can I borrow that font you're using?" Or, "Hey, I love that chalking you did around that tag, can you email it to me?" You can't share digital elements. So, there you would sit, face buried in the computer, dragging and dropping like crazy.

You'd have to get up and walk around and look at everyone's computer to see what they were doing. And, you couldn't proudly display your completed layouts in a little stack on the table as tactile scrappers do.

You couldn't look across the table and squeal, "OH, I LOVE THAT PAPER! WHERE DID YOU GET IT??" And, of course, there would be no vendors present so you'd have to work with what you had on your hard-drive.

The upside would be that each scrapper wouldn't need 4 feet of personal space. You could line everyone up at just a few tables. And, the dreaded OPEN CONTAINER of liquid wouldn't be QUITE as fearsome.

Overall, though, I still can't quite wrap my mind around a digi crop. It just doesn't sound like the same social experience that tactile scrappers would have.

So, are digi scrappers the loners of the scrapbook world? I don't see a "CKU Digi" coming anytime soon (except online like the Scrap-a-faire). Can you see Lisa Bearnson pitching her products on QVC from Salt Lake City with 200 laptops behind her? It just doesn't work for me.

Food for thought...


m.dixon said...

I'll give you my perspective as someone who organizes traditional retreats ( and once organized a digital weekend retreat at the request of a digi scrapper. Yes, everyone sits behind computers (some using desktops with tablets that take a lot of space) but they were closer together making it easier to chat. The sharing of stories about photos and general chat was the same. There was a lot of technique sharing as it is more difficult to figure out how someone did something digitally. They did talk about "where'd you get that paper. Often they shared the same lss in cyberspace despite living in different towns (and countries in this case). I am still very much a paper scrapper and my focus is my traditional retreats (despite my one weekend on the darkside). However, I would disagree that people gravitate to digi scrapping because they are loners. On the contrary, perhaps they just prefer to chat with someone on the other side of the globe. Just my thoughts. Michelle

susan said...

Oh but we do squeal! And we say the same thing. It may be a jpeg but it gorgeous! We aren't loners at all - we chat, share laughs, help each other. Like MDixon said we are close to each other so no one is hidding behond a screen. And BTW, yes there are digital crops and they are a blast.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, are you ever wrong by it not being the same social experience! LOL

I've been to digital crops, which are usually held in chat rooms and everyone is chatting a mile a minute. Links to layouts made during the crop are posted and everyone does squeal and get excited about the photo, the papers, the elements.

And when digi scrappers do get together, you will often find them gathered around ONE laptop, learning something new or another way of doing something - the sharing of ideas still happens, the excitement is still there and the best part - no MESSY clean up - you just pack up and leave! Gotta love that.

everydayRANDOM said...

Oh but we can shop - WiFi for everyone and downloads would be a breeze.
We have our digi crops at our favorite coffee house and they are FABulous. Shopping, advice and checking out each others photo actions or designs is so fun. Not much to not love...

DigiDesigner and Scrapper said...

Imagine having a designer at your crop
Imagine having that designer make something JUST for you
Imagine having that perfect paper and/or element at your fingertips because it was just made for you
Imagine only paying $5 to $6 for a kit with 8 or more papers and lots and lots of elements and being able to use it again and again
Imagine never running out of a particular product because it has been discontinued
Imagine being able to get it now and use it now

Now, imagine this in the paper world and we'll talk

Anonymous said...

Posted like someone who hasn't been to one, and hasn't even tried. (no offense, please...just honest observations! ;))

There ARE lots of digicrops happening all over the world, all of the time. They are incredibly fun to go to, we get to talk, share, squeal as much as paper scrappers...the sharing part just occurs a little differently.

Try one, you might find you like it. The lack of cleanup is benefit enough for me!!!

Cathy said...

I am a paper, digi, and hybrid scrapper and from my point of view when I joined the digi scrapping world I was introduced to the most social of all scrapping communities, and the most generous with their advice, time, and willingness to teach new people. With digital scrapping, everyday is a crop! Come join us, there is room for all kinds of scrappers. It is all about the memories after all!

Digi Scrapper said...

To answer some of your queries...
--we chat, just like everyone else sitting in a room together. We're not so rude to sit behind a computer and not talk to the people next to us, or across the table.
---and we actually do get up off our butts to walk around a table to look at someone else's monitor. do paper scrappers never ever get up to look at someone else's work? We even have an instant messaging program where we can send screen shots to each other so that we can check out each other's work, as for suggestions, and share great photos.
--- we don't have to drag 2 big bags plus other stuff to our crops. We have a laptop, maybe an external hard drive, we're good to go. We don't have to borrow because we don't run out. And if we find something someone else is using we want..we hop online, buy it, download it, and can use it immediately.
---We can have digi-crops with friends all over the world, share our work immediately, not have to worry about running back and forth to do things.
---It'd really be nice to stop hearing the snarky comments about how we can't possibly be happy doing what we're doing. What could possibly be wrong with someone doing things differently than you?

I'm a former paper scrapper who can't imagine going back now that I've gone digi. But I certainly would never presume to mock paper scrappers because they don't do things the same way.

digi_paper scrapper said...

ahhh... with wireless internet there can be access to THOUSANDS of vendors at the crop.. why limit it to just one? :)

Digiscrappers are not lonely computer geeks chained to their laptop lacking social skills...

Digi or paper.. we all scrap for the same reasons. We all gush over peoples pages, photos, products, techniques, we all love to go to crops and I can guarentee there is the same ratio of less scrap, more chat at digi crops as there is at paper crops.

Try one. Maybe then your post would not appear to be so narrow minded.

Anonymous said...

I was a paper scrapper for several years. And as my babies became toddlers, paper scrapping became increasingly difficult for me to do when the kids were awake. I stumbled on digi a few years ago and was addicted to it so quickly I can't even tell you. You really have to try it to see what I mean. It is different than paper, but not meant as a replacement. Just a different medium for creating and saving our memories. Because really, that's what this is about, right? Preserving memories for future generations. I love paper, but I love digi more. And going to online digi crops or IRL digi crops - both are terrific! Don't knock it til you try it.

Anonymous said...

I see you have advertisements for Picaboo Photobooks & Scrapbook Max software. It seems a little hypocritical to be 'dissing the idea of a digital crop.

Anonymous said...

Well, we did have a digi crop in my local town and had nine women show up. You're right. It wasn't the same as a paper crop - it was much more boistrous!

Everyone was talking a mile a minute while they had their laptops up, designing their layouts. Someone would mention how they'd love a certain element or technique and then others would gather around the person to view her screen. It was a wonderful time.

I'm glad digital scrappers are getting together. Not boring at all...not by a long shot!

Kim Guymon said...

Oh yes, I digi scrap, too. But, it's a different sort of an experience to be scrapping behind your laptop. Online crops are not what I'm talking about - it makes sense that digi scrappers would do online crops.

And, I don't think I'm dissing them - just wondering out loud. I come from the largely tactile world and that's what I'm comparing the experience to.

Alicia Bull said...

I love the fact that you are thinking about all of this and wondering what it would be like! I also must say I am proud of you for jumping into the digi world and getting some albums completed "Digi Style!" :-)

I think your assumptions are all very valid and probably have been strongly influenced by the tactile nature of the traditional paper scrapper in you. I think what is awesome about your post is that we are all here reading about it, showing interest , and sharing ideas.

Digital Scrapping really is a full transformation for some and I see nothing wrong with accepting small steps at a time. I am happy if you are looking forward, thinking about it and pondering the set up.

Being involved in Picaboo thrust me into DIGI OVERDRIVE. I love it, but understand that this takes time and we need to experience all of these exciting things for the first time together and share how they worked (or what works best.)

Maybe we should plan on getting together and initiating you into the club! :-) Either way, I'm here to support your Digi journey!

Alicia Bull

Jess said...

Hmmm spoken as someone who doesn't go to them. I actually go to a crop every other week. There are a few of us in their that are Digital, some ladies alter, some ladies make cards, and some make traditional scrapbooks.

I chat and laugh, and trust me the drink cup is a constant concern for me. If someone drops there drink on my Scraptop, well thats it game over, if you drop your drink on your project you have only lost a day of work.

Digital Scrapbookers are some of the most fun, chatty, whitty women i know. We share techniques, the growing list of designers gets chatted about, the hottest stores.. the same as a paper crop.

I think your post was very narrow minded, as someone who hasn't been to one, and a bit snarky. Crafting is a fabulous thing, no matter how you do it.

Anonymous said...

Your last paragraph...Are digi scrappers the loners of the scrapbook world?? Hmmm...I don't think so. I recently decided to organize not only a digi crop but a digi RETREAT at the beach, and we have digi scrappers coming from not only TWO states but British Columbia, as well!! Loners?? 35 of us?? Again, I don't think so. A year ago, I was strictly a paper scrapper but "went digi" when CK published an article on how to do a page in PSE. Since I made that first page in PhotoShop, I have yet to pick up a piece of paper. I'm completely digital now and am loving it. The people I've encountered in the digi world, designers and scrappers, are some of THE friendlist, most caring individuals I've ever come across in my scrapbooking "career." Boring? Nevah.

Rachael Giallongo said...

Actually I think you are quite wrong as to what a digital crop would be like. I recently had a class for several of my paper scrapping friends and we talked about how much fun it would be to sit around the table with laptops. Forget the mess of paper surrounding us and the cramped quarters at "paper scrapping crops". Using Hello chat software, we could easily send eachother screen shots as we worked. Thanks to wireless internet, we could easily share links to stores and shop online without ever needing to fight our way to the back of a crowded crop room to buy products from consultants that were out of style 8 years ago.

A digi crop sounds like heaven and I hope I have the pleasure of attending! :)

For the record, I have a scraproom and have been paper scrapping since 1998. I sure hope I dont have to give up all my friends since I am a digi scrapper too. Oh wait, I started digi in 2005 and haven't lost once single friend! Phew! Thank goodness!

Sandra @ The Memory Workshop said...

I've considered doing digi scrapbooking. But I spend enough time on the computer every day, and traditional scrapping is a good reason to get away from that.

What amazes me is how *some* digi & *some* paper scrapbookers think they're so different from one another. When digi first started, everything looked like a print ad from a magazine, very desk top publishing. Now, digi elements are designs to look just like paper elements. So the digi people think they're doing it different, but really they are modeling their layouts after paper layouts! And *some* paper scrappers turn their noses up at digi pages, yet these are often a great source of inspiration. They look just like paper, so any techniques or 'looks' done in digi can be replicated with paper. And alot of the paper designers are desigining almost exclusively digi now.

Because of digi's dependence on paper scrapping trends, and paper scrapbooking's dependence on digi designs, *at this point in time*, I don't think you could have one without the other. So *some* digi and *some* paper scrappers need to relax and cut the other ones some slack.

And I don't think Kim's musings were meant to be was a question, a "thing that makes you go, hmmmm..." topic for discussion. And I don't think an open minded, curious person minds being proven wrong :) :) :)

Photojenic said...

There are two different kinds of "crops," online and real life. Obviously online crops are one of the huge advantages of being a digscrapper. However real life crops can be just as fun for digi gals as paper crops.

I'm fortunate to have an actual digiscrapping store in my area called . Not only does she have computer available for folks without laptops, but there's also room for those who do, PLUS you can print out your layouts there. So yes, there can be a lot of laughing and passing around LOs just like in the paper world.

scrapgeek said...

I have only been to one "real life" digi crop. I spent my time chatting, sharing our albums (yes layouts are printed and I personally think books are tactile), laughing and eating chocolate. In fact it was pretty similar to most paper crops I have been to in that there was a lot of talking and not much scrapping. I am organising another crop with these ladies (and others)in May. I am not expecting us all to stare at our screens all day like zombies. I am expecting to have fun (and eat chocolate).

Lauren said...

I work for a digital scrapbooking company who does run physical laptop crops for digital scrapbookers - we have and are running them throughout the US and have run them where I live in New Zealand as recently as this month.

It amazes me that you seem to be putting digital scrapbookers in a different category to other crafters- and yet as other commenters have mentioned before me - we are all pretty much exactly the same. I know that you do digital scrapbooking yourself yet something tells me you dont embrace it in the same way you do the paper scrapbook page - What makes a digital scrapbook crop any different to paper crop - well they don't have "quite" the same amount of product to drag along -
We require less space-but perhaps more power points - but apart from those minor differences we are just a group of women interested in sharing our common passion - If you are truely interested in seeing how much fun a digital laptop crop can be I suggest perhaps you attend one!!!- The Great American Scrapbook Conventions are holding digital crops at all their conventions this year!!-

scrapgeek said...

If you are interested, this is what a digital crop looks like: