Mar 6, 2007

Memory Trends Magazine...

Interestingly, I got the second issue of Memory Trends Magazine (a trade pub not available to consumers) today and it was all about digital scrapping and the traditional scrapbook industry.

There were some good perspectives in there on how the traditional industry can possibly bridge the gap between digi and traditional scrapping. I'm still not totally convinced it can be done to the benefit of traditional retailers, but I think there will be some cross-over in the form of products and services that will at least fill in some gaps.

I don't think we can force it - as has been tried recently and received luke-warmly by traditional retailers - I think patience is the key. We need to let it grow into what it's going to be and not force it into what we THINK it should be. Perhaps digi and traditional will always be like Cross-stitching vs. Embroidery or Oils vs Water Colors - same crafts, different approaches.

Good stuff!

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susan said...

I haven't received my copy yet but am anxious to see what they say and what suggestions they make. And I agree that it can't be forced...we need to let digital find its place in the world.