Mar 28, 2007

My Date with Harry...

I did it, I scored my Harry Connick Jr Tickets this morning! June 2, my family will be jamming to the smmmoooooootttthhhh sounds of that dreamy voice and his cool-cat band.

This is our fourth Harry concert and I think we're taking our boys this time.

Harry comes through Seattle every other year or so and always plays at one of the outdoor venues and the weather is always nice for him!

I get special priority seats because I joined the fan club - sounds so "Tiger Beat" but for $15 a year, I get to sit on the front row (or close to it) when he comes. It's totally worth it! The first time we went (and before we discovered the beauty of the Fan Club membership), my dh paid $800 for four tickets from a "broker" to get 6 rows back. Last time he was here, I paid less than half that to get ROW 1, Seats A-D. We were 5 feet from him.

The only thing I HATE is that no cameras are allowed - boohoo!

Can't wait until June, Harry!

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Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful to open a browser window and see the gorgeous face of Harry on your screen. It made my day! Even if I'm not the one who scored tickets! LOL

I remember my last Harry concert. My former boss was trying to make up for working me a ton of overtime and needed to get back on my good side. So he got me 4th row tickets to see Harry. Silly me didn't realize the venue was an outdoor amphitheater until I got there --- dressed for an indoor concert with no coat in site! I froze the entire concert, but loved every second of it.

Ooo... I do love me some Harry!