Apr 11, 2007

A Peek Inside ScrapBiz

Ever wonder what kind of resources you would have access to as a ScrapBiz member? Well, as I was adding new resources to our members-only site today, I realized that I should share the categories from our Info Center here.

Above are just the categories - each category has links to resources. For instance, if you are looking for a great place to host a site, you'll find links. If you are looking for a printer who specializes in printing for the industry, we have links. If you are looking for a way to add podcasts to your site, we have easy-to-use resources and if you are looking for an interactive color wheel to plan pages for kits or clients, we send you to a great one.

You could find all these resources on your own given enough hours of research. Or, you could access them instantly through ScrapBiz. In addition to these resources, you will have access to what is essentially a GIANT Q&A database with 4 years of message board archives. You will also have instant access to nearly 5 years of monthly newsletters. Our newsletter is top-rated by our members!

So, if you are thinking about starting (or even ramping up) a business - Spring is a great time to get going! Check out ScrapBiz for more information

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