May 7, 2007

Already have a business? You can still join ScrapBiz!!!

For the past 5 years, we have been helping scrapbookers START retail businesses in the scrapbook industry. But, as of this week, we are now welcoming EXISTING home-based retail businesses into the ScrapBiz family! From time to time, we have had people tell us that they didn't feel like they needed our Start-Up Guide because they already HAD a business up and going. That being said, they also would like to tap into our many resources and fantastic support because, frankly, it can be LONELY running your business alone! But, we have never offered an option for those already in business... until today!

Starting today, you can join ScrapBiz WITHOUT having to purchase our Business Start-Up Guide. But, you must prove you are already in business in order to access this special membership. Click
HERE for details on the documentation we need to set up an existing business account and HERE for pricing for the new membership. It is option #4 or #5.

We feel like the resources and support at ScrapBiz will benefit ALL home-based retailers - even if they didn't start their business at ScrapBiz.

So, if you are a home-based online store, home store, custom scrapbook artist, or any other type of business that serves retail customers in the industry, we hope you will join us and discover what hundreds of businesses already have! You will receive all the same access to special wholesaler deals, resources and information that our other members have enjoyed for the past 5 years.

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