Jun 27, 2007


I confess that I still love Serendipity Squares! Remember those fun little squares (or circles or whatever shape you want) of torn up bits of paper and stickers? They are like snowflakes - no two are ever alike. They were uber-popular 6 or 7 years ago but I still love them and make them.

They make great accents for cards or pages and use up all those bits of paper I have in my scrap drawer. And, they are therapeutic to make. There's just something fun and satisfying about tearing, punch and cutting all that paper. Then, it becomes like a puzzle to stick it all down in a pleasing way. I'm never disappointed with the results!

If you haven't made serendipity squares in a while (or ever), I challenge you to take a crack at them. They are one idea worth bringing back.

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