Jun 19, 2007

Teacher's Gift

Today was the end of the year class party for my 2nd grade son's class. He has had this teacher for 2 years because she moved up with her class last year. This is our THIRD year having her since my oldest had her in first grade.

I made this AWESOME hard-back digital book for her. I took photos of all the kids (while she was on an extended Memorial Day weekend trip) and then had them fill out an interview form about themselves and why they liked her. One page had the child's photo and the facing page had their answers. She LOVED it.

The linen cover was fun to alter with ribbon, a little bling of rhinestones and a flower.

Of course it just occurred to me today that a voice recorder of them saying, "THANK YOU" to her would have been really cool stuck in the front. Imagination Project used to have some. They are like 6mm thick and you could record 30 seconds on them. You could stick one in the front of these hard-back digital books and make them "talk". What a great idea to "pump up" the book and make it more of a "hybrid" project. As it was, I decorated the cover page with some stickers about school that I had. You don't have to leave these books "as-is". Feel free to alter them. As long as you don't add thickness or bulk to the pages, you can do all sorts of things with them.

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Anonymous said...

Being the recipient of this book I have to say that I loved this gift and would recommend giving it to any teacher. The thoughtfulness of the parents and kids was overwhelming.