Jul 30, 2007

Customer Service Champ!

I love Clearplay! Seriously, if you have ever covered your kids' eyes or ears or fast-forwarded through a "naughty bit" in a DVD, then you really need to look at one of these babies! I am IN LOVE with the technology. And now they have added filters for popular TV shows! It's awesome and my kids won't watch PG DVD's without them being filtered - by choice! You hardly notice when it silences profanity or nips out a little scene.

Anyway, our new USB DVD player went to the great DVD player graveyard in the sky after I did a software upgrade. After trying the three things they suggested to try to reset it. They simply said, "Send it back, we'll send you a new one". WOW! No argument, no wrangling, nothing. Just a simple, "Send it back".

It isn't very often that you find that kind of customer service anymore. Yet, it can make your business stand out from all the others.

Customers will remember when you knocked their socks off with your service. And, it can be as simple as fixing their problem without blame or argument. I think we all get naturally defensive and start waiting for the fight to happen in situations like this - because it usually takes a fight to get something resolved. But, I was pleasantly surprised and delighted with their response. Clearplay definitely won me over for life!

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