Jul 21, 2007

I rock!

Early on in ScrapBiz, one of my members emailed me and said, "You're like a Rock Star or something!" That's become a family joke at home. Anytime I don't want to do something or I do something really good - I tell anyone in the house who will listen, "Did you know I'm a rock star?" Their response usually includes eye-rolling.

Well, Angie Pedersen tagged me as a "Rockin' Girl Blogger"! I'm so honored! So, I get to pass the honor on to five other bloggers that I think ROCK! Honestly, I can only come up with three in the industry. Many of the blogs I read are boring business stuff that I won't foist upon you here. And, I'm pretty sure that some of the men wouldn't be honored to win the "Rockin' Girl Blogger" title.

Number one on my list is my buddy, Alicia Bull. She's the digital book queen! She just rounded herself up a swanky position as a consultant for Shutterfly - Rock on, Sistah! I would seriously go on the road with her - actually, I've BEEN on the road with her - and we hung out at some pretty BAAAAD places. You haven't had true fun until you've been menacingly harrassed by a street gang in Vegas and lived to tell about it...

Next on my list is Ikea Goddess - she's like my own personal digi scrap valet - she rounds up the free goodies! And, she loves Ikea - how could you NOT like someone like that?!

After that is Sandra - her kits are AWESOME and I love her sense of humor! She is the smokin' hot rock star diva of the kit scene in Canada.

So, tag - you're it, ladies! Claim your badge and pass it on!


Musicmom-Amy said...

Always knew you were one and now you have the badge to prove it!! Hee, hee!

Alicia Bull said...

Oh my-oh my! Thanks for the honor my dear! (You just want to make sure I can get into all the same parties as you!) LOL!

I appreciate the honor and will have fun with this!


Sandra @ The Memory Workshop said...

Too fun! Thanks babe!!

And for the record, I really want to go on a roadtrip with you and Alicia!!! Strictly business of course.

Alicia Bull said...

Oh boy, now we could surely find some trouble! I hope it happens sooner than later. We just need to plan it!