Aug 25, 2007

Heritage Makers new Studio 2.0 Review

I'll admit that I'm a digital book junkie! I love to be able to create these fantastic little books that slip perfectly onto the book shelf and take up a minimum of space. I also love the ability to be able to order several copies of the same book. My future daughter-in-laws will love me when I hand them a stack of books of my boys' lives!

I have previewed the Heritage Makers Studio 2.0 "Drag and Drop" software and IT ROCKS! I signed up to be a consultant for HM to offer the opportunity to ScrapBiz members who might want to offer digital scrapping for others to their customers. I struggled a bit with their old software as it lacked the sophistication of other digital scrapping programs. While the Scrap Girls content is UNBELIEVABLE, it was difficult to sort through the thousands of elements because the software lacked something as basic as a SEARCH function. Also, the photos and elements were so tiny on the page that you couldn't see detail.

Studio 2.0 will be officially launched Monday and after previewing the beta version, I must say that if you are looking for a digital place to land and make some awesome books using some awesome software, you must check it out!

At first, I was not totally in love with their shiny full-bleed covers, BUT, after making a couple of books using the Studio content (with a totally customized digitally scrapped cover), I am liking them more than the plain covers of other digital book companies (although HM will soon be offering leather covers). It makes the books more personal! Here's a link to my first book.

It's $9.95 to set up a basic account. A Studio Premier Subscription (where you get access to the new software and Scrap Girls content vs just a basic photo and journaling book called the "Classic") is $19.95 a month but includes something like 20,000 elements with more added every month. It's a terrific bargain for someone actively making digital books.

You can browse the Heritage Makers products HERE click on each link to see pricing.


Anonymous said...

is that haystack rock in the background (beach pictures)? I can't believe how big the boys are getting.. Love the pictures of you and Mark.

Twyla said...

What is your review now that its been live for a few weeks? I've had nothing but heartache since my drag and drop project will not save. Text is either jumbled or missing when I go back into the project. I am also a consultant and one of their best customers. I have sent this major flaw to the company and they don't have an estimate as to when this will be fixed. I missed a deadline for a huge project for my father's birthday. I also don't like the preview feature. It is so tiny you can't read the text and are unable to print out your project to properly proofread your work. 2.0 has some cool features but if you are unable to save your work its worthless! I hope they get the bugs fixed soon, or I'll have to investigate another place to finish my project!

Kim Guymon said...

I haven't had any problems with the software. Perhaps it's your browser. My 8x8 book which I was in the process of making when the upgrade happened transferred just fine. I had two problems - my website address got screwed up and for a few days, it was someone else's website and then my Premier subscription got cancelled Sat night when it was on auto renew. Oh, I also had one day where I opened my book and one page was messed up.

My wish is that the software would mark used photos. Other photo book companies either make a used photo invisible OR put a red check-mark by it. I have used several photos many times because I just plain forgot I'd already used them.

I'm sorry you're having trouble with the software. I can imagine how sick you feel to have lost all your work.

Kim Guymon said...

Yes, that is haystack rock in the background. We love the OR coast!