Sep 13, 2007

Heritage Makers Software finally released!

Finally - Heritage Makers went live with their Studio 2.0 software! I gotta get in there and get my Christmas books finished! The release was a bit later than planned, but they wanted to make sure it was working well.

And, now, you can get a free Basic account (it was previously $9.95 to set it up). It doesn't get you the Studio 2.0 content with the drag and drop software and the $2000+ of Scrap Girls stuff, but it will give you access to their Classic software - a very simple storybook-type layout where you plop your photos onto page templates and write your story. You can upgrade to the Studio Premier Subscription ($19.95/month) later. Click HERE to set up your free Basic account.

Congratulations to Heritage Makers on this very cool software upgrade!

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