Oct 29, 2007

Beauty and the Beast

In 1970 (not quite 5 years old), I dressed up as a princess. My mom had all these GREAT costumes for dress-up (she still does) and I had the perfect fluffy yellow dress. But, then, worlds collided and she made me put my coat on over my dress. I cried for hours over it. But, it was too cold to go out otherwise. You'd have thought they could have taken a picture of me WITHOUT the coat. But back in those days, no one posed their kids for the perfect "scrapbook shot". My brother isn't wearing a mask, FYI. He was always the "different" child (LOL!)

In 1972, I was a Gypsy. I can't remember if they made me put a coat on that night or not. At least I don't remember being traumatized by the suggestion of it.

I loved Halloween because we had this great big closet and several trunks full of costume stuff. I was everything from a princess to a witch -none of those plastic costumes with the cheap mask in a box for us. We usually won the costume contest at parties.

Don't forget to snap photos of your kids in their costumes this week. We also snap photos of their "haul" when they come in from Trick-or-Treating. They will love to have them years from now!

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