Oct 24, 2007

Best Costume Ever!

My 10 year old son ran out of super heroes to be this year. I think he's been just about everything from Batman to the Human Torch. So, we convinced him to get creative! We found this optical illusion costume idea in Family Fun Magazine. He's a baby on a grandma's back. It took some convincing to get a 10 year old to not freak out over wearing a muu-muu and gold sandals. I told him, "It's not really YOU wearing them - it's the grandma!"

He will LOVE all the attention he gets at the Halloween party tomorrow night and when he goes out trick-or-treating! It was a fun costume to put together - much better than a Super Hero from a hanger. My other son is Optimus Prime this year - he's Transformer crazy (even though he's not allowed to watch the movie). Maybe next year I will convince HIM to do something fun!


Musicmom-Amy said...

TAHT is amazing!!! It's so totally Noah. And he WILL love all that attention. I'll make sure to show David when he gets home!

All moments remembered said...

OMG I soooo want to costume lift that from you! You guys are talented!!! I love it!