Oct 9, 2007

Put on your Big Girl Panties and deal with it...

I'm half-tempted to pop a pair of BIG GIRL panties in the mail to a store owner in my area.

I belong to a Yahoo Group for scrappers in my state. A few on the group were talking about a new store in the area. Someone asked if anyone had been to the NEW store and then a discussion started about location, hours, etc. Well, the owner of ANOTHER store that opened (actually RE-opened, she's owner number 3 or 4 - I keep wondering when people will get a clue that THAT particular community can't support a scrapbook store - the demographics are ALL WRONG) several months back posts something to this effect, "Okay, I've been talking about MY store on this group for several months. (then she goes on with location, hours, crop room, etc). I wish you would come over and check out MY store and then talk about it here..." Her store is only about 5 miles from this other one.

MEOW! That will really bring 'em in. Interesting that on the same list, there are several messages about a store in the area currently having a GOOBS (going out of business sale) and 2-3 others that recently closed. I'd choose a different - more customer friendly way to entice people to check out my store than having a temper tantrum in front of a bunch of potential customers. It just proves my point that many people who open stores aren't equipped to run them.

She definitely needs a pair of big-girl panties and a lesson in marketing. A Temper Tantrum is NOT a good business strategy.

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Sandra @ The Memory Workshop said...

Don't you need to be (or at least act) older than 3rd grade to own a business?

Reminds me of a former LSS around here. Lasted less than 9 months. The owner or her sidekick would post on a local yahoo group things like, "if you think our store looks like a dollar store, you're wrong!" or "doesn't anyone take classes anymore? I have lots of classes on the calendar and nobody signs up."