Nov 27, 2007

A GREAT Gift Idea

I watched one of my favorite Christmas movies last night - National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Nothing makes me laugh harder during the holidays! BUT, it has some really inappropriate parts in it. But, the way I watch it - using my Clearplay DVD player - those parts are completely removed along with any profanity. It's AWESOME! My family also loves A CHRISTMAS STORY, but it has some profanity in it. We watch it with the Clearplay DVD player and it's ALL GONE! National Treasure, Star Wars, The Astronaut Farmer, Frequency, Are We There Yet? - all movies that my family LOVES to watch, but contain the odd swear word or inappropriate moment. But our Clearplay DVD player gets rid of all of it.

If you are looking for a FABULOUS gift for the holidays, consider Clearplay. Seriously, they aren't paying me to do a commercial for them - I just wonder how anyone can watch a movie with their kids without one of these. Our house will never be without one (actually we have TWO). It's so nice to know that the movie you put on won't cause you to do a back-flip over the couch from the kitchen to grab the remote when something inappropriate comes along.

I always tell Mark that we could sell the heck out of these things just by inviting people over to watch a movie on it. You hardly notice the changes (swear words cause a brief silence) but it makes a HUGE difference in our movies. We don't use it to watch R-rated movies because we don't watch those anyway, but it takes those PG and the occasional PG-13 movie (for Mark and I) down to a G or nearly a G-rated movie.

Click on the picture above to get more info. They have a Christmas Special going on right now!

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Marla said...

Thanks for the info! I just ordered one for my family for Christmas!