Nov 13, 2007

Jumpin' For Joy! A ScrapBiz Remodel!

We affectionately and with tongue firmly planted in cheek, call the MEMBERS-ONLY part of ScrapBiz, "The Clubhouse". We like to imagine that it has a big blender and a lovely pool. Along with that comes a hot Latin Pool Boy (who disappears for weeks at a time when Ricky Martin is out on tour) and an efficient Russian Housekeeper named Olga. We don't have to do anything but work on our Biz's. Oh, and once in a while, Harry Connick Jr stops by to serenade us and Sergio, our news paper boy brings us the latest industry news. And let me tell you, Sergio is easy on the eyes...

That being said, the Clubhouse was in need of a little remodeling. So, I set my webmistress, Marcie, off to remodel. With HTML in hand, she re-did parts of the members-only site to make it easier to find the hundreds of business resources we have gathered for the last 5 years. Members are now able to find information much more quickly and efficiently. We are still tweaking and will be for a while, but it just makes ScrapBiz THAT MUCH BETTER. Seriously, you'd be amazed at what's there! If you're thinking of starting a business this winter or have one that you'd like to take to the next level, you will find ScrapBiz to be an amazing tool that can contribute greatly to your success!

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