Nov 19, 2007

Lots to be thankful for...

Indulge me if you will in a little personal Thanksgiving message today. On August 3, I took my very sick and weak DH to the ER where he was admitted and over the course of 2 1/2 weeks grew progressively more and more paralyzed from the chest down from an unknown virus. On September 7, he left the University of Washington Medical Center Rehab unit in a wheelchair. The photo above is him and his two WONDERFUL physical therapists - Sam and Marie. This was what we THOUGHT would be his life for a minimum of 6 months and up to 2 years (or so the doctors told us). I can still hear them, "We predict he will have an excellent prognosis and will recover his ability to walk in 6-12 months". Their "parting shot" the day we left the hospital was, "Just be patient, it could take up to 2 years." I wanted to scream - "WHAT?! YOU SAID 6-12 MONTHS LAST WEEK!!!!!"

But, a miracle happened that baffles the doctors and PT's (but not us - because we have a strong faith in God). Less than 2 weeks after arriving home, he was using a walker full-time and less than 2 weeks after that, he was walking completely unaided. He has still not recovered FULL feeling in his legs, but his hands are nearly 100% again and the rest will come over time. Sometimes he walks a bit like an old women - bobbing and weaving - when he gets tired. He gets a pass from having to put up Christmas lights this year on the house. He's not "ladder ready". There are limitations to what he can do, but he's so far ahead of where he SHOULD be that we aren't complaining.

But, on Thanksgiving morning, he will be running in the 5K Turkey Trot in Kennewick, WA. It's unbelievable - less than 4 months later, he's off and running again. I'll be at the start and finish to take photos that we will email to his PT's. He may not run the WHOLE time, but that fact that he will run MOST of it is nothing short of a miracle.

Miracles happen... and I'm so thankful this week that we were the recipients of one.


Musicmom-Amy said...

You said it Kim!!! I can't wait to see the photos of Mark. Such a miracle. Have a fun T-day with the "secret" pie crust.

Focus said...

Bodacious!! Yes, miracles DO happen. Looking forward to seeing the photos.

Pieces of me said...

Kim miracles happen every day ya just have to believe. But you knew that;) So glad Mark got his!
Thank God and
Happy Holidays!