Nov 29, 2007

Shoebox Scanner

Look at this very cool scanner!!! It's the Kodak s1220 photo scanning system. It's not cheap (over $2,000), but it looks very cool! You can get the photos out of the shoeboxes and into your computer. Drop a stack of photos into the feeder (they can be a variety of sizes) and go!

I have so many boxes of photos that I would love to use, but I would love MORE to be able to alter their sizes and fix their blemishes before using them. I like digital photos because I can use them so many more ways by changing the size or look. Scanning them one by one would take me forever - but this... would be cool!!!!

Maybe some LSS's will catch onto this as a service and start getting these as a service for customers!


gentoo said...

See, that would be really cool because MOST scrapbookers would never be able to afford such a good scanner, but a scrapbook store could have it and I could definitely afford to come in with stacks of photos to shoot through there and pay them for that.

I know that I have ton of photos from my pre-digicam days that I'm almost 'afraid' to scrapbook because I don't want to accidentally wreck a one of a kind photo if I mess up the page, but the alternative is to take it to a Kodak booth and scan each individually? Or scan them all in my computer and then print them? I have a good scanner but that's a lot of drop in quality right there...

If you think it could be something like 40 cents per photo scanned then by the time I get through my shoeboxes I'll have spent hundreds of dollars in your store, not to mention the crazy impulse buying I could get up to while waiting for the photos to process. Or even better, they scan it and burn it to a disc for you... and then have a photo printing kiosk that you can use your cd in for subsequent visits. They have those kiosks in grocery stores and drug stores, b ut it would be really neat if a LSS could have one in thier store

Anyways, all that was to say that I agree with you that that scanner would be an excellent addition to a scrapbook store.

Jaynee said...

The photo store I worked in last year had this scanner and it is awesome! The drawback to it is photo places that have this charge $50 for the first 100 pictures and $25 for each additional 50 pictures......not bad....but it adds up quick! It is worth saving up for the scanner and buying if you are a scrapbooker or just have boxes of photos of everyone in your life. I know I am!