Jan 24, 2008

Getting Ready for PMA

I can't wait to head off to PMA next week! I have my list of people to visit all lined up. Sadly, it looks like Memory Trends will be on it's last leg. Their vendor list was put up last week and out of something like 200 available spaces, they only have 9 vendors listed at their site. Ouch...

Really, it makes me sad because I firmly believe that the scrapbook industry needs to play with the photo industry as often as we play with the craft industry. It's unfortunate that these two very important shows are so close together.

The poll on my sidebar is showing that twice as many people scrapbook mainly to preserve their photos and memories as do it purely as a creative outlet. Photos are the reason most people scrapbook. The creativity is the WAY they scrapbook, but not the REASON they do it. Photos ARE the center of the scrapbook world and I don't think we have tapped into every idea for using photos in our world, yet.

So, I am hoping to get some ideas at PMA about how our two industries can cooperate in a synergistic way. I really believe that technology has a lot to offer our industry. But, we won't find those companies at CHA. Scrappers and retailers are always looking for fresh ideas, I think PMA can offer us some fresh ideas that will bolster our industry and keep it moving forward.

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